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New Q-ProTraderIndicator Signal and Q-ProTraderStrategy coming soon

In addition to the original Q-ProTraderStrategy and Q-ProTraderIndicator signal for the "Pullback" trading system, we will be introducing a new addition to Q-ProTrader family called the "BarReversal" system. The "BarReversal" system utilizes order flow and Supply and Demand zones.

Based on our initial testing, the new BarReversal system will trade more often with larger targets and smaller stop losses. For us to release the Q-ProTraderStrategy to the public, it must first prove itself.

To test the new BarReversal strategy, we have put the new BarReversal system into a new trading evaluation. We have chosen the EliteTraderFunding evaluation for this challenge and the 150K Static Eval. Below are some of the rules for the 150K Static Eval.

  • Max positions: 4 minis, 40 micros : Note: We will only use 1 contract for this challenge.

  • Profit Target: $4,000.00

  • Max Drawdown: $1,250.00. Cannot go below $148,750

Below is the video for the Day 1 Challenge.

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