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Passed the Apex 150K challenge in 5 days using the updated ReversalBar signal

In my previous blog, I had to cancel the live testing of an unreleased new ReversalBar strategy due to its mediocre live performance. As mentioned in the post, for the five days it traded live, it had execution issues and mediocre results. It broke even, even though the backtested results showed a 10 percent gain in the first five days of tradings.

I have now had a chance to analyze the results of the backtested data and the live data, and I have made changes to the code, which will improve the outcome.

To test the changes, I entered an Apex 150K funding account to see the results. To pass the Apex 150K plan, I had to make a profit of $9000 without losing $4500. All trades were manual trades. No automation. Below are the final results. I passed the 150K in five days and did not realize I had to do it in seven days. As I passed the challenge in five days, in the last two days, I had to make two small trades to get it to the required seven days.

I am still putting the final touch on the code for the ReversalBar logic. Once it is ready, I will update the blog to let you know it is ready for the public.

Once I have released the indicator to the public, I will update its strategy and perform another round of live testing before releasing it.

Once the indicator is released, I will set up some live trading on YouTube. This will be a good way for me to show you how to use the indicator and how I plan for a trade setup, as not all signals are high-probability trade setups. You will also learn how I use the Session profiles and the supply and demand zones to determine whether a trade setup is good.


Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

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Day 7

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