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Can you be a funded trader using the Q-ProTraderIndicator using multiple contracts in 2022?

We tested our Q-ProTraderIndicator to see if we can pass a funded trading account in 2022 using multiple contracts when entering a trade using the NQ and ES instruments. For this challenge, we picked the Apex Funding 50K program. The answer is "Yes." We did it in eight days, and the significant part was that we did it never had a losing day. You can see the Apex rules by clicking on the link below.

The rules for the challenge were:

  • All trades were discretionary, i.e.) manual trades. No automated trades were allowed as we wanted to prove that our Q-ProTraderIndicator product could stand independently, entering multiple contracts in 2022.

  • The minimum number of contracts per trade was at least two.

  • We took entries on both "Confirmed" and "UnConfirmed" Q-ProTraderIndicator signals.

  • The Profit Target was an arbitrary set based on price action.

  • Stop loss for each trade was set at $600.

  • We only traded only NQ and ES.

Below is the screenshot of the final results of the challenge.

Overall Performance Graph

Day 1: +7.50

Day 2: +1102.5

Day 3: +370

Day 4: +300

Day 5: +305

Day 6: +315

Day 7: +385

Day 8: +315

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