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Can you be a funded trader using the Q-ProTraderIndicator in 2022?

We tested our Q-ProTraderIndicator to see if we can still pass a funded trading account in 2022. For this challenge, we picked the Apex Funding 25K program. The answer is a "Yes." We did it in eleven days, and the significant part was that we did it never had a losing day. You can see the Apex rules by clicking on the link below.

The rules for the challenge were:

  • All trades were discretionary, i.e.) manual trades. No automated trades were allowed as we wanted to prove that our Q-ProTraderIndicator product could stand on its own in 2022.

  • The maximum number of contracts per trade was limited to one.

  • We took entries on both "Confirmed" and "UnConfirmed" Q-ProTraderIndicator signals.

  • The Profit Target was an arbitrary set based on price action.

  • Stop loss for each trade was set at $500.

  • We only traded the ES and NQ.

Below is the screenshot of the final results of the challenge.

Overall Performance Graph

Day 1: +297.50

Day 2: +175

Day 3: +137.50

Day 4: +132.50

Day 5: +112.50

Day 6: +175

Day 7: +125

Day 8: +65

Day 9: +145

Day 10: +125

Day 11: +50

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