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Can you be a funded trader using the Q-ProTraderIndicator?

We tested our Q-ProTraderIndicator to see if we can pass the earn2Trade GAUNTLET MINI™ (25K). The answer is a resounding "Yes." We only needed one try to complete the gauntlet. You can see the earn2Trade GAUNTLET MINI™ (25K) rules by clicking on the link below.

On top of the earn2Trade GAUNTLET MINI™ (25K) rules, we added our own to be more strict. The additional rules we added were:

  1. All trades were discretionary, i.e.) manual trades. No automated trades were allowed as we wanted to prove that our Q-ProTraderIndicator product can stand on its own.

  2. The maximum number of contracts per trade was limited to one.

  3. We took entries on both "Confirmed" and "UnConfirmed" Q-ProTraderIndicator signals.

  4. The Profit Target was set to $80.

  5. Stop loss for each trade was set at $300. Once the $300 stop-loss was hit, we stop trading for the day.

  6. We only traded the ES, RTY, and NQ using NinjaTrader's "CME US Index Futures RTH" trading hours.

Below is the screenshot of the final results of the challenge.

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